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    Guilin Huade Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Guilin City, whose scenery is the best in the world. The production base is situated in Lehe Industrial Park, Xicheng District, Guilin, which has convenient transportation and complete matching facilities. Guilin Huade is the modern company based on high and new technologies and integrated scientific research with production, which has a team of perfect and professional scientific research personnel, excellent and accelerated processing and inspection devices and scientific and religious management system. The company has

won Special Equipment Manufacturing License and the certificate number is TS 2245035-2012 and has been permitted to manufacture D pressure vessel. The products of the company are composed of artificial board glue making, regulating and supplying device, complete equipment of high concentration of formaldehyde, complete equipment of blowing and dedusting, petrochemical equipment, complete washing equipment, complete wood treatment and corrosion-proof equipment, serial filtering and environmental protection equipment and serial transportation equipment and screening equipment, which have more levels and full specifications and such advantages as supporting and systematization, complete machine, electromechanical integration and automation and they have been widely applied in wood industry, chemical engineering, pharmacy, petroleum and environmental engineering domains.

 Huade Company is the biggest manufacturer of artificial board glue making device in China; since the company was founded, it has been producing hundreds of glue making, regulating and supplying devices and formaldehyde devices supporting for domestic and oversea artificial board production lines. The devices produced by the company have covered all over the world and been sold in Russia, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, Bengal, Chile, Kenya and Pakistan.

The main product of the company, the high effective energy conservation type of reaction kettle has gotten the national patent (the patent number is ZL 03233766.3), which has been extended and used in China far and wide. According to the statistics from users feedback opinions, the reaction kettle has good result; the heat exchange efficiency is improved more than 30% as old jacketed type and snake-like coil tube type so that it has obvious effect of energy conservation and consumption reduction. Moreover, the company can deploy full automatic control of PLC and industrial computer human-computer interface in order that the kettle has strong professionalization and flexible and easy control and has been completely applied in large and middle enterprises.

 With the personnels unremitting efforts for many years, Huade Company has been gradually developed and enlarged. The company has more than 5000 m2 workshop and modern office building and increased large devices and modern working equipments to greatly improve the companys processing ability and product research and development capacity.

  We sincerely welcome experts, professors, old and new users to visit our company.


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