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Chip Washing Device
 Chip washing system is the hydraulic chip washing procedure set before hot grinding system. Sundries on chips should be kept to the minimum during production of high-quality fiber boards to reduce abrasion of grinding discs and prolong their service life.
       With long-term analysis and comparison of scientific researchers of the company and integrated with advantages and disadvantages of domestic and oversea washing devices, the company grandly pushes a new environmental protection type of complete washing device, which only uses recycle pump instead of wood chip pump through optimized design so as to resolve obstacle of wood chips; the filtered water flows into circulating water flume for recycling use of the recycle pump to significantly enhance recyclability rate of circulating water; the higher the efficiency of rinsing machine is, the better the cleanness is, and the production technique is changed for emission-free to reach the purpose of environmental protection and water conservation. Wood chips’ moisture content will be balanced during washing.
       Main characteristics:
   1、Only use recycle pump instead of wood chip pump so as to resolve obstacle of wood chips
   2、Rinsing machine has twin rolls, which has better cleanness and completely clears away sundries.
   3、Reasonable technique, good treatment of circulating water; try for emission-free, environmental protection and energy conservation.
   4、Immediately and completely remove sundries and silts, better for cleaning!
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